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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hurricane Help

Last Thursday I went down to the Mississippi coast to help with the continuing cleanup from Hurricane Katrina, and I was appalled by the lack of progress that has taken place. We drove down to the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area, some of the places hardest hit by the storm, and there is still complete devastation. People still live in tents, without running water or electricity, and it seems like the event has been completely forgotten by the nation (save the ongoing "tragedy" of the New Orleans Saints). This is America, people! How can this happen? Who cares about running an election in the Middle East when we have hundreds of thousands of refugees from our own country in poverty with the winter approaching? The American government should get down here and do more than send money (which is great and everyone should contribute), they should also use their influence to actually get things running again. How long do these people have to wait to have a place to live again? 1 year? More? While we sit around worrying about how many rights the Patriot Act denies or trying to use Congress to change the BCS in college football, these Americans are living with nothing at all. Many have lost everything they have worked their entire life for, and it's not like insurance is just going to make everything better. These people need our help, and I consider it a national tragedy that we haven't done more to make this situation right again.

Welcome one, welcome all

While this is new for me, I'm sure that most of you (hopefully) avid readers of my blog have already been experiencing the blogosphere. My blog will be an ordinary life as told by a student at a not-so-ordinary college (Ole Miss). I'm a junior/senior depending on how you want to classify me, so I guess that makes me a veteran of this land of milk and honey also known as Oxford, MS. I will speak about whatever tickles my fancy at the time, such as football or my two majors or rampant Greek life, or even my girlfriend if she allows me to =) . Today, though, I speak of football.

Why doesn't Tiki Barber of the New York Giants get mentioned as an MVP candidate? All he has done is single-handedly save the Giants from Eli Manning's ineptitude, God Bless him. Barber is having a career year and without him New York would be fighting to get to .500, but he gets no love. People love to speak of Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, or Shaun Alexander as people who can carry a team, but each of these players has a strong team already surrounding him. Barber must create his own offense or New York can't move the ball at all. The only other player in the same league in terms of value to a team would be Steve Smith of Carolina, but it would take another effort the likes of Jerry Rice to win an MVP for a wide receiver. You would think that playing in New York would make Barber into an icon, but he just keeps on producing huge numbers (like tonight's 220 yds, two tds in a victory over Kansas City) in relative obscurity. I am astounded that no one has bothered mentioning him to the world, but I guess if he stays an unknown it will make it a lot easier to pick him up on my fantasy team again =)